Lombardi: Seahawks ‘very interested’ in signing Jimmy Garoppolo if 49ers release QB

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

At least one NFL team is interested in acquiring San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. According to former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, it’s the Seattle Seahawks, which makes a lot of sense. Right now, it looks like head coach Pete Carroll plans to enter Week 1 with Geno Smith as his starting quarterback. Smith has been competing with Drew Lock.

Obviously, Garoppolo would be an upgrade for the Seahawks. It’s pretty clear that Seattle has no desire to trade for the 49ers quarterback, knowing that a release is likely. And San Francisco doesn’t want to do its division rival any favors. That explains why Garoppolo remains on the 49ers’ roster this close to the start of the season.

Everything Lombardi hears from his NFL sources points to a strong desire by the Seahawks to add Garoppolo.

“I keep asking teams all the time, why don’t they just cut Jimmy G now?” Lombardi said on his podcast, The GM Shuffle, per 95.7 The Game. “And the answer that I got back from multiple teams is ‘they don’t want him to go to Seattle’. I said, ‘Well how interested is Seattle in Jimmy G?’ And (one source) said ‘Oh, they’re very interested in him.’ So for all the talk about Geno, for all the talk about Drew Lock, I think Seattle knows they’re going to get Jimmy G. And I think San Francisco knows that he could go there. So they’re trying everything in their power to prevent that, and they have no takers.

“So what I think will happen is the Friday before the opening weekend, I think they’ll cut Jimmy G. I think that’s when they’ll cut him, and then he’ll have to go do his contract and go up to Seattle and go there. But there is no interest in allowing Seattle to have even a week of preparation with Jimmy G to come in as their starting quarterback. But I do believe, reliably reported to me, that Seattle is the team that wants him.”

Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area recently reported that the 49ers believe Garoppolo will end up with the Seahawks, resulting in a matchup against the quarterback at least twice in 2022.

“So my guess is that he’s released on August 30th, and probably the next day, he’s signing with some team,” Maiocco said. “And I know around the 49ers, that they think he’s going to be ending up in Seattle.”

How far are the 49ers willing to go to ensure Garoppolo doesn’t end up in Seattle? Could the team stating that they are willing to carry the quarterback and his hefty salary-cap figure into the regular season not be a bluff at all, as most assumed it was?

“I think any scenario is possible,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said this week when asked if Garoppolo could remain on the roster.

The 49ers’ CEO, Jed York, insists the team is willing to keep Garoppolo, making him a very expensive backup—unless there is a significant contract restructure—for Trey Lance.

“I’ve said this before: You can’t have enough good quarterbacks and good football players,” York recently told The Athletic. “… We’re happy to keep Jimmy. We’re happy to have him on the roster. And if that’s the case, then that’s the case.”

We might quickly learn how much faith the Cleveland Browns have in quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Will they ride the 2022 season with the seventh-year quarterback, should the NFL force Deshaun Watson to sit out the season? Or will the Browns seek a different veteran quarterback?

San Francisco 49ers fans are hoping for the latter. They’re hoping for a miracle. Maybe, somehow, the Niners can get something in return for Jimmy Garoppolo and not be forced to release the former starter.

The Browns might be the 49ers’ last hope. San Francisco is waiting to see if any trade interest develops, but so far, there has been nothing to report. Teams just aren’t interested in the 30-year-old quarterback.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport doesn’t believe the Browns are too

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson was suspended for 11 games by the NFL on Thursday following an appeal of his original six-game suspension, leaving quarterback Jacoby Brissett as the current starter.

Some have pondered whether the Browns should make a move to acquire San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who has yet to find a home despite the 49ers’ publicly backing second-year quarterback Trey Lance, including the Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, who believes it’s time for Cleveland “to go get Jimmy Garoppolo.”

However, one NFL analyst doesn’t believe that the Browns would pursue Garoppolo, even if the 30-year-old is released, because Cleveland feels

The San Francisco 49ers aren’t taking any chances and aren’t looking to do a division rival any favors. Jimmy Garoppolo remains on the roster even though it doesn’t look like anyone will become desperate enough to trade for the veteran quarterback. Of course, the Niners don’t want to hurt themselves by releasing Garoppolo too early. You never know. A trade partner could miraculously emerge.

If a release is inevitable, San Francisco wants to ensure that Garoppolo doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare should a team like—let’s say the Seattle Seahawks—look to add the quarterback. San Francisco and Seattle face each other in Week 2, by the way. The Seahawks are certainly a better team with Garoppolo leading the offense than with Drew Lock or Geno Smith, even if it’s

It looks like the San Francisco 49ers are comfortable with rookie Samuel Womack III serving as the team’s nickel cornerback. The Niners announced that they have released veteran Darqueze Dennard, who was competing with Womack for the spot.

Dennard wasn’t the only player cut as the team makes its way down to the 85-player maximum required by 1 p.m. tomorrow. The following players were also waived. The moves come ahead of the team’s scheduled 10:25 a.m. Monday practice.

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