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As you make your way through the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a variety of Hero Quests will become available for you to complete. Some of these are part of the main story and unmissable, while others you’ll need to go out of your way to find. By completing these Hero Quests, you’ll unlock Heroes, which can be used as a seventh member of your team. On this page, you’ll find details on how to unlock each of the Heroes and the Hero Quests that should be completed in order to add them to your roster.

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How to Unlock All Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are unique characters that can only be added to your party once they and their class have been unlocked. These are not playable characters, so you won’t be able to control them, but they can and will help you out along the way. In order for these Heroes to assist you as the seventh member of your team, there are a number of special Hero Quests for you to complete.

This feature won’t appear until chapter 3 of the main story. where your first Hero Quest has to be completed to further the narrative. Some Hero Quests are a mandatory part of the main story, whilst others you’ll have to go and find. You’ll also find that some Hero Quests have specific conditions that must be met in order to unlock the Hero, and they won’t be able to join your party until the mission is complete.

Heroes to Unlock in Chapter 3

The table below includes the names of the Heroes you can unlock when you’re playing through Chapter 3. Clicking any linked Hero’s name will take you to their individual page, which details their class and skills. Clicking on the link for the Hero Quest will take you to the section of this page that explains how to unlock them.


Ethel – No Want of Courage

To unlock Ethel as a Hero, you’ll want to follow the main story in Chapter 3. When you reach the part of the mission that tells you to head to Galghour’s Menhir, you’ll have to climb to the top of it. When you get to the peak, you can speak to Commander Ethel.

After speaking to Ethel, you’ll want to head for the Agnian Supply drop. When you reach it, you’ll engage in battle against an Agnian squad, where Ethel will help you fight them. Continue on to the Supply Drop after you’ve taken down the Agnian squad, then defeat the next set of enemies you’ll encounter – the Hunter Volffs. Once this fight is finished, you’ll pick up the supplies and return to Colony 4. When you’re back at Colony 4, the mission will be complete.

Valdi – The Kind Right Hand

As you continue the main story you’ll go to Elsie’s Spout, where you’ll meet Valdi. A battle ensues as you defeat Valdi and the Keves Unit that he runs. Once you’ve defeated them, Valdi will ask for your help.


You’ll then be asked to collect parts for Valdi’s Levnis. When you’ve gathered the parts, go back to Elsie’s Spout. The next step will be to follow the Mini-Levnis to locate Valdi again. The Mini-Levnis will direct you straight to Colony 30.

Here, you’ll take on Consul Q with the help of Valdi as a healer. Once you’ve defeated Consul Q, the Flame Clock will be destroyed and Colony 30 will be liberated. This will allow you to recruit Valdi as a Hero and complete the mission.

Riku and Manana – A Nopon’s Counsel

This Hero Quest begins as you reach the Urayan Tunnels. The first directive you’ll receive is to go to Elevator No.1. When there, you’ll try to use it and realise it doesn’t work. The next task is to then collect the necessary parts to fix the elevator.

When you do this, you’ll be able to ride this down to the mine. Riku will ask for you to search the area and collect gemstones and ore. You’ll need to collect three items before you can return to Riku. Once there, you’ll be told that you haven’t got gemstones or ores and need to continue searching further into the tunnel.

As you progress, you’ll reach a camp. Rest and continue the Hero Quest, continuing on the path until you’re ambushed by Princess Arachno. During this fight, Riku and Manana will help you and once Princess Arachno is defeated, they’ll be unlocked as Heroes for you to use.

Zeon – Where the Heart Is


After unlocking Ethel and returning to Colony 4, head to the Central Yard and listen in on the conversation. This will give you new information that you can take back to the barracks to discuss. Once you’ve discussed it with the rest of the team, this will automatically unlock the quest Where the Heart Is.

Head to the marker Alfeto Valley just before Yzana Plains. Here you’ll encounter Zeon and the Colony 9 Expedition, which you’ll need to defeat. When you’ve beaten them, Zeon will join your party and you’ll make your way to Colony 9.

Speak to Zeon and you’ll shortly depart with him, off to Everblight Plain. Once you reach your destination, you’ll need to fight an Agnus Strike Force team. There are two rounds to this battle, where you’ll have various enemies to take down before you can progress the quest. Once you’ve defeated everyone, you can continue back to Colony 9.

Make your way to the front gate of Colony 9, and let the cutscene play out where you’ll be faced with Moebius B. Beat this mini-boss to complete the quest and unlock Zeon.

Teach – Going Beyond Power

Go to the question mark in the Gura Flava Lowlands in Alfeto Valley. When you get there, you’ll stumble upon a fight taking place between a Keves patrol and Kyrie from Colony Gamma. By helping her out in the fight, you’ll unlock the Hero Quest Going Beyond Power.

After defeating the patrol and helping Kyrie, head to Colony Gamma. Once here, you’ll need to gather information from three different places. There will be quest markers that appear, to point you in the right direction. Find somewhere to rest and discuss the information once you’ve acquired it all.

When this is done, go and speak to Teach in the office. Leave Colony Gamma, then make your way towards the marker, which will take you to Transcendent Retreat in Melnath’s Shoulder. A boss battle will ensue here, against Moebius G, with Teach helping you out. After this fight, head back to Colony Gamma, which will mark the mission as complete and unlock Teach.


Gray – A Gray Matter

Make your way to the question mark that’s located near Kamos Guidepost, in the east of the region. You’ll find it in Murmur Rise in Milick Meadows. Once here, you’ll encounter a Mystery Man that you need to fight (this Mystery Man turns out to be Gray).

Once you’ve knocked down Gray’s health to around the halfway mark, a second fight will begin with a group of Colony 23 Patrol. Once this battle is over, you’ll be tasked with following Gray’s footprints to see where he’s gone. Keep interacting with the tracks as you encounter them, to keep on the right trail for the Mystery Man.

When you catch up to him, it’s not long before you have another battle with a Colony 23 Patrol to take on. As the fight finishes, the Mystery Man reveals himself to be Gray and the mission is complete, unlocking Gray as one of the heroes for you to add to the party.

Heroes to Unlock in Chapter 4

The table below includes the names of the Heroes you can unlock in Chapter 4.

Juniper – Natural Selection


This Hero Quest will appear as you continue the main story into Chapter 4 and head towards Maktha Wildwood. As you continue to follow the path, you’ll be ambushed by the Mystery Agnus Ninjas, which triggers the beginning of this Hero Quest automatically.

A fight will begin with the ninjas and Juniper. When you beat them, they’ll run away and you’ll be asked to follow the Mystery Agnian Trail.

Defeat the Ninjas, led by Commander Juniper, and they’ll flee. As they leave, Noah notices that their Flame Clocks seem low which puts them in danger of dying. To offer your assistance to the struggling Agnian squad, follow their footprints after being prompted to interact with a spot on the ground. Following this will eventually lead you to Colony Tau, where you’ll talk to Juniper.

During this conversation, monsters will appear at the entrance of the Colony, so make your way back to the entrance. You’ll then be able to fight alongside Juniper, to help the Agnian troops. Once this battle is over, Juniper will be unlocked as a new Hero.

Commander Ashera – The Wrath of Ashera

Go to the Quest Event-Related Marker in Syra Hovering Reefs to begin the quest. The Wrath of Ashera. Shortly after approaching this marker, you’ll have to fight a group of 7th Levnis Troops. When this battle is over, you can speak to Ashera and she’ll temporarily join the party for you to take on Team Zoren together.

After these two battles, proceed further across First Ixia Bridge and you’ll be met with Team Easel. Defeat them, then continue on to reach the final group of enemies you need to battle – Team Clad. This won’t be your last fight for Asher’s Hero Quest, however, as quickly after finishing off Team Clad, you’ll have to take on Moebius R inside Colony 11.


Speak to Ashera again once you’ve taken down Moebius R (you’ll need to climb a nearby tower) and her quest will be marked as complete, unlocking her for your Hero roster.

Heroes to Unlock in Chapter 5

The table below includes the names of the Heroes you can unlock in Chapter 5.

Hero Hero Quest
Monica Vandham’s Heir
Fiona Transparent Dreams

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