Big Brother’s Nicole Layog Shares Her Latest Thoughts On Taylor Post-Eviction, And Why She Worries About Daniel

Big Brother Season 24 said goodbye to Nicole Layog in Week 4, and not long after vacating the house, she learned just how controversial things got regarding her and other Houseguests’ treatment of Taylor Hale. Nicole and Daniel Durston received the lion’s share of the criticism from both fans and former Houseguests, and now that she’s seen some of that blowback, Nicole has shared with CinemaBlend her new thoughts on Taylor, as well as some concern for Daniel. 

I spoke to Nicole Layog the week following her eviction, after she’d had time to learn about and sit with the responses that fans had, as well as seeing how her comments and actions impacted Taylor. I asked Nicole if her eviction and media interviews were like a “double blindside” for her, and learned the following:

I definitely saw myself going home. That part I was prepared for. Obviously, hearing about the things that came out of my mouth and how it affected Taylor really, really, took me aback and it just broke my heart. And, it still is breaking my heart because she’s obviously still in the house and we can’t address anything until she leaves.

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