Gursky’s spectral tarsiers (Tarsius spectrumgurskyae) in Tangkoko National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia sing morning duets, which scientists captured with autonomous devices and handheld digital recorders.

‘Yoda’ primates sing duets like opera stars

Tiny, monkeylike creatures called tarsiers sing duets together in the style of opera singers — but those who fail to hit the high notes may also flop at attracting mates, scientists recently suggested. 

With their large, pointed ears and expressive eyes, nocturnal tarsiers carry a striking resemblance to the diminutive Jedi master Yoda from “Star Wars” films. But while Yoda never demonstrated any operatic ability, tarsiers are energetic singers who may exert themselves vocally as a form of sexual selection or to signal to each other that it’s time for all members of a troop to gather together to sleep, according to a new study.  

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